Web design

We cut the Catalyst development pie into three pieces to make it easy to understand our three phase process of Application Design, Asset Creation, and Authoring. Each piece is equally important and while these areas may be addressed concurrently to some degree, it is vital to follow a clear sequence in order to avoid a ripple effect of costly changes and reengineering delays.

Application Design

The first piece is the grunt work. We strive to better understand the client business model, customer interaction points, sales processes and current pain points. This step starts with the Audit/ Discovery and continues through Requirements/Documentation, Site Mapping, Functionality, Content Outline/Migration and Wire Framing.

Asset creation

The second piece is where the fun starts and we begin to build the foundation of the aesthetics and design for the site. This step starts with Home Page Design and continues through Secondary Page Design, Content Generation and Graphics / Iconography.


The third piece is work that is done behind the scenes by the programming team. Theme development and customization, database development, categorizing, testing and more are carried out. This step starts with Theme Development and continues through Creation and Content Integration, Responsive Development, Testing, Hosting and Deployment, and Training.

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