This is not about us. Everyone knows the value of a good agency partner. This is about what you value most in a close working relationship. Here’s what you can expect from Catalyst. If this fits your idea of a great partner, let’s go.

We are less expensive

Based on rates of full service advertising agencies in the Pittsburgh market, our rates are 10% – 15% less. That doesn’t mean we’re cheap. We’re fair.

We are crazy responsive

Our flat organizational structure is built for speed. We can process more work per hour than other agencies can.

We are cost-conscious

We act as your advocate. All outside purchases are competitively bid. You get the best available price in the market.

We take ownership

The same guys that started the agency 37 years ago still do the work today. There’s no substitute for having a stake in the game.

We are passionate

There’s a certain energy and daring that leads people into business for themselves. Our clients benefit in having that incalculable quality serve them.

We have
a work ethic

We are a Pittsburgh ad agency with a Pittsburgh attitude. You need work done; we get it done.

We are easy to work with

There’s more Main Street than Madison Avenue in us. Our people are real and our values are basic.

We are loyal

You won’t find us looking for greener grass. We recognize each client is important to our business, regardless of their size.

We are capable

We have built a network of creative, technical and business resources. You get all the capability of a big ad agency.

We are sensitive

We understand the importance of the client’s viewpoint. We strive to understand what you want and need.

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