We know our place. In the grand scheme of so-called “marketing,” here’s where we fit in:

1. Marketing:

The process of getting and keeping customers

2. Market Planning:

Examination of the classic 4 P’s
- Product
- Price
- Promotion (AKA: Marketing Communications)
- Place

3. Marketing Communications


Public Relations – the Credibility Factor. An implied endorsement by the media in which we get you exposure.

Advertising – The Awareness Generator. The 2x4 of marketing we use (both off-line and on-line) because Awareness = Market Share.

Sales Promotion – The Surge and Support. The in-the-trenches guerilla warfare of channel marketing that fosters relationships and engagement.

Okay, it may not be proprietary because it is based in common sense, but there is a method to our madness. Here it is.

Our Process